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Building Automation

HVAC Automation.

Maintenance friendly. Don’t use part that they are losing guys. Avoid having to bring in other contractors. Troubleshoot from remote computer-based locations to save trips to the unit and increase efficiency by catching maintenance issues early.

Lighting Automation:

Control remotely so you can set up from your home or any remote location. Set lighting needs in advance so you never have to wait for the lights to warm up but aren’t wasting energy by leaving them on. Budgeting is easier to manage and keep cost effective. Companies going green can track energy usage and lessen their footprint while tracking your usage.

Energy Conservation:

Analyze current energy usage – air conditioners, lighting, etc. – to determine cost saving measures. We prepare and design an automation plan that will have specific cost and energy saving results allowing for credits from your local power company.

Bringing modern heating and cooling technology to older systems.

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