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Trusted Partners

Rockwell Automation

The leader in automation products in the united states. Manufacture controllers to be used in large and small-scale facilities. Main supplier of systems for DTQ Data Systems.

Automation Direc

Automation products for the budget-minded consumer.

Allen Bradley

Manufacturer of automation projects and controls to be used in large and small-scale facilities. DTQ installs and supports these products


Leaders of automation projects in Europe. Most machines that come from Germany will include Siemans products.

Johnson Controls

Manufacture of building automation control systems. We install, maintain and support their systems.

Andover Controls

Manufactures parts for building automation control systems. We integrate Andover control systems as well as install and maintain their controls.


Excelent 32 bit microcontrollers. Leader in microcontrollers.


8, 16, 32 bit microcontrollers and other sensors.

Texas Instruments

ARM line is most popular line – 32 bit advanced microcontroller and can be found in most cell phones and tablets.

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